Japanese Language NAT-TEST Workbook CD

NAT-TEST Center, Pokhara; LA GRANDEE International College, is an authorized publisher for the Japanese Language NAT-TEST Level 5 Workbook CD,for Nepal,as prepared and compiled by the Senmon Kyouiku Publication Co. Ltd., Japan. For Nepal, it has its first print for the original version of the Japanese Language NAT-TEST Level 5 Workbook CD in the year 2013.

The Workbook/CD is proposed for the examinees to practice the Japanese Language as based on the NAT-TEST exam. It gives reference for practicing the NAT-TEST exam.It includes 1 CD for the Listening practice as well.

The Japanese Language NAT-TEST Level 5 Workbook CD is available at the Pokhara Center office. The revised price for the Workbook/CD is Nrs. 350.00 to be effective from January 2017.


The 1st edition of the Japanese Language NAT-TEST Level 4 Workbook/CD, published by the Pokhara Test Center is now available at the Center Office. The price for the Level 4 Workbook/CD is Nrs. 700.00.

Making an Order for the Workbook

Any examinee or the institute requiring the book my directly contact the center office or may make an order by email. However, the order will be confirmed and delivered only after payment of the total book price. The ordering client will itself be liable to any delivery charges. Payment can either be made directly by cash or can be deposited to the NAT-TEST Center, Pokhara Bank Account. Payment by cheque is not acceptable. The email address and bank details for the book order are as follows:

Click here to order the book.

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