College Graduation Ceremony to 2012 Batch

The annual LA GRANDEE Graduation Ceremony took place at 11:00 a.m. on Friday, February 17, 2017, at Darbarthok Banquet, Bastolathar, Pokhara. This year’s graduating class was comprised of one hundred fifteen students of BCA, BBA and BPH 2012 Batch.

The Keynote Speech was delivered by College Chairperson Devraj Chalise who highlighted the importance of being entrepreneurs. Program Coordinators also spoke at the ceremony, hosted by the Academic Coordinator, where they discussed the importance of being a service organization. That was followed by handover of token of love to the recent graduates. Everyone wished for their better future. The graduation address was delivered by Kiran K C, principal of the college. “We certainly were challenged with the difficult task of getting to know our new team members, learn their strengths and weaknesses and effectively complete a thorough analysis of the problem and strategically pull together for a better academic performance in a short amount of time. The result our team produced today more than exemplified the investment of time, money and intellect of our graduates continuously for four years of their academic journey with us.” principal said. The college presented “Dean’s List Awards” to some distinguished students and Mahima Poon from BPH program received “LA GRANDEE Excellence Award” for her consistent outstanding performance for four years of her studies. The final year students entertained the audience with different cultural shows. The program officially launched in 2004, and the number of LA GRANDEE graduates continues to grow exponentially. To date, LA GRANDEE has graduated nearly one thousand students from BCA, BBA and BPH programs.