Workshop on Design and Design Thinking @ LA GRANDEE TECH-TALK

BCA students of 4th and 6th Semester of LA GRANDEE International College participated in a short workshop on issues related to Designing under the 9th session of the LA GRANDEE Tech-Talk. At recent times, designing has itself become one prominent part of any project especially when all the software is going online and hosted in web. Young entrepreneur and Full stack designer, Mr. Pravash Karki, Founder/CEO of Last Door Solutions, Kathmandu led the session on with the theme Design and Design Thinking. Mr. Yam Chhetri, Founder of Web Experts Nepal and Mr. Pritam Sen Thakuri of WordPress Pokhara were also present during the session. The program was conducted in support of WordPress Pokhara on July 9, 2017 @LA GRANDEE.