Every organization is part of community. But very less organizations community centric. So, as part of CSR, we are now all set with a new mission and heading with the theme “LA GRANDEE for COMMUNITY”, under which LA GRANDEE shall now be performing activities with community focus in coordination with its students. Recently, on July 24, 2017, a group of 4th semester students from BCA program (Pradip Poudel, Pradip Dhakal, Prabhu Gurung, Sanjeet Gautam, Arjun Subedi & Oskar Garbuja) conducted a 2 hours IT related training for the class 8 students of Shree Shitaladevi Community Secondary School, Shitaladevi, Pokhara Lekhnath-12. It is the community school which was ranked the 1st amongst 33000(approx.) other community schools all around the country in 2073.

Total 30 students participated in the training. Principal of LA GRANDEE first declared the formal start of the program stating the vision and reason to initiate the program. The training was then started by the BCA students (EVERSOFT group) on effective Computer Graphics Design using Adobe Photoshop CS. Students were very happy to participate in such training in which they could learn skills that are not included in their courses. Mr. Baburam Baral, Principal of Shitaladevi Secondary School, also expressed best wishes for such initiation and appreciated the concept.