Talk Program on IT Entrepreneurship

The 9th session of LA GRANDEE Tech-Talk was organized on September 9, 2017 at LA GRANDEE International College. A special session was conducted entitled “Talk Program on IT Entrepreneurship” and facilitated by NEHUB (Nepal Entrepreneurship HUB), which is a non-profit organization focused on organizing different sessions on concepts of entrepreneurship and startup businesses further facilitating appropriate support to viable startup businesses.

Mr. Karmath Dangol, Co-Founder of NEHUB and Mr. Amrit Man Tuladhar, CEO of, together addressed the whole session giving valuable insights about E-commerce eco-system, challenges involved with startups, innovation of ideas and perseverance leading to achievement. The primary focus of the session was to manifest the structure of overall IT sector of Nepal and how students/graduates can promote and contribute the IT sector of Nepal. The session was interactive and driven by example of scenarios that the presenters faced while starting their business venture along with how they dealt with problems and progressed. The session was very interactive where students along with the college principal, Er. Kiran K.C., made queries on the related issues and future possibility to work together. Around 50 students from BCA 2nd, 4th and 6th semester participated in the program.