12th session of LA GRANDEE TECH-TALK was held on July 19, 2018 at LA GRANDEE International College. Students of BCA participated in the talk program in which guest speaker was Mr. Karmath Dangol, VP of Engineering, CloudFactory. LA GRANDEE and Nepal Entrepreneur’s HUB (NEHUB) is in collaboration since 2017 and Mr. Dangol is one of the founder members of NEHUB. The discussion was focussed on “How to Prepare for Career in IT”. The session was hugely appreciated by the participants as they got to know about the top IT companies – national as well as international, further getting inspiration to initiate startups, as many of the current leading companies were once the student projects, said by the speaker. Further, Mr. Pawan Shrestha, Regional Manager (Engineering) – Seva Development (recently extended its branch in Pokhara), also shared his experience and motivated students towards building skills meeting requirements of the current market needs.