Piloting Apprenticeship Program at LA GRANDEE

There is always an ongoing argument between educational institutions and corporate sectors regarding deployment and necessity of the efficient human resources, each operating in different pedestals, whereby, the corporate sector claims to have not received the capable graduates while the other argues for not having proper positions for their competitive resources.  As an initiation to address the underlying problems and challenges so as to fulfill the need of each, LA GRANDEE as a pilot project has started the Apprenticeship Program for IT students through which students are being trained to develop skills through hands-on-practice approach. Each training shall be practiced for 2-3 months and after successful completion of the training and proving their competency, students will be working as professionals in the development center within the college itself. It is an approach to practice professional training beyond internship.

A formal agreement (MOU) was signed for the Apprenticeship Program by Er. Kiran K.C., Principal and Pawan Krishna Shrestha, Regional Engineering Manager (Province 4) on behalf of LA GRANDEE International College and Seva Development Pvt. Ltd.(https://www.sevadevelopment.com/) respectively on December 23, 2018. Seva Development is a socially motivated IT company. Currently, 3 students of BCA 7th Semester, Pradip Dhakal, Prabhu Gurung and Arjun Subedi are already enrolled for the Apprenticeship program. Under successful implementation of the concept, it is expected to conduct similar approaches for other programs and include more number of students of the college.

Principal coordinated the program and shared happiness to have the collaboration with Seva Development. The concept of apprenticeship has remained a long time dream that finally has come to its shape, as expressed by the Principal. He further expressed his confidence that this approach in the near future will obviously give directions to set up development cell within college through which students will have opportunity to experience professional skills and initiate Learn and Earn environment.