Case Study Presentations by Students of BCA 7th Semester

As part of the learning, students of BCA 7th semester carried out their case studies on various eBusiness sites under the course e-Business. Besides the theoretical aspects of the modern eBusiness processes, students were involved in detailed study of the real business models, real time operations and principles of various popular national and international eBusiness sites. 10 different students’ groups were formed and each group conducted their study  to extract the practical prospects of all the contents studied theoretically.

This kind of study provided students the opportunity to get exposed to the practical implementation of contents discussed during their regular courses.  Mid-term presentation was conducted on January 9, 2019 while all the study groups delivered their final presentation with detailed report on January 27, 2019. The case study was completed under the supervision and guidance of the course faculty, Er. Kiran K.C.