Paper presentation by Academic Dean of LA GRANDEE

Associate professor and Academic Dean Dr. Krishna Raj Bhandari of LA GRANDEE International College presented a paper “Methodological Assessment of International Business Research”  in an international conference organized by Prithvi Narayan Campus from May 8-9, 2019. Scholars highlighted the issues in merger & acquisition in banking and financial institutions (BFI) sector, time series analysis of the arrival of tourists in Nepal, and biofuel from microalgae and other business-related issues. In the latter deliberations, the scholars linked the business motives with climate change and environmental protection.

The closing remarks on behalf of the participants were  also delivered by Dr. Krishna Raj Bhandari. Dr. Bhandari concluded that the majority of the papers were primarily based on primary data; in answering the research questions related to the above-mentioned themes, scholars have used mainly cross-sectional studies with the potential to develop more sophisticated models on longer time duration and more methodological rigors; the contributions from the Indian scholars highlighted the next frontiers of methodological research where machine learning based prediction models will rule the world where artificial intelligence, data science and statistical models will be merged, and there is a potential collaboration with international institutions in developing courses in data-science.