Taken marketing as a specialization course, the students get to learn not only about the product and its marketing but also gets to widen their knowledge on the intangible part i.e. Service Marketing. And focusing on this part of learning the students of BBA VII semester specializing in marketing course were taken to “Fresh Element Restaurant” as an educational visit of service observation program. This visit was organized on 3rd of January with the presence of total 16 students of marketing class along with the guidance of faculty Mr. Bishnu Prasad Timilsina who is the faculty head of tourism and service marketing. Fresh element restaurant was chosen as it is one of the top restaurants around Lakeside Pokhara, known for providing the best quality service.

The students observed the restaurant and evaluated its services based on the theoretical knowledge of 7P’s of service marketing naming to which they are; Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People, Process and Physical evidence. The students also interacted with the employees for information such as advertising medium of the restaurant, marketing strategies and it also helped the students to know how the employee interacts and tackles with customers. So the outcome of overall service encounter from the restaurant was positive and satisfaction.

As per remarks by students, such practical exposure to every subject is necessary while learning.
Though the program seems like small but is an effective effort for making subjects like marketing more pragmatic and field oriented. Educational institutions as well as students should be aware of participating into such learning procedures to cope with today’s highly competitive world market.