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Devraj Chalise

Mr. Devraj Chalise (Chairperson)

I am delighted to welcome you to LA GRANDEE International College for your undergraduate programs. The objective of the college is to provide excellence in education which is a stepping stone towards a bright future. With this aim in mind, we have diversified our programs that include degree tracks for Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Computer Application, and Bachelor in Public Health. Over the years the college has been producing excellent result in Board Exam. It has professionally committed faculty who train students to be responsible, intelligent in problem solving and have independent thinking. The presence of so many talented minds from different parts of this country ensures that LA GRANDEE will be an interesting and inspiring place to study, and will contribute to the creation of a dynamic and diverse community. I am confident; you will find a number of support programs, faculty and staff to assist you with the transition to your new environment. I hope your experience at LA GRANDEE will be both challenging and rewarding. I look forward to welcoming you to the college and offer my best wishes for your future.

Dr.Devid Kumar Basyal

Dear prospective students and guardians, a warm greeting!!!

LA GRANDEE International College, situated at the heart of beautiful city Pokhara of Kaski district, is an impetus in the pursuit of academic excellence. The college considers education as a life-long process that should have a strong foundation for which our members strive for excellence valuing both achievement and endeavor. With the motto of ‘Shaping Minds; Nurturing Future’, we prepare our students for the future challenges by inviting them to question, explore, discover, and reflect upon the process of teaching and learning. Embracing college’s vision and mission, students are inspired to become inquisitive, active, and motivated so that they can confidently pilot their way out in the mist. The goal of the college is to implant a love for learning and a desire to excel at every level in the students. The college believes in grooming students with the intellectual and practical skills that perform a vital role in their holistic growth. LA GRANDEE promotes the talents of its students through an integrated and inclusive work culture.

The college believes that every student is special and has own potentiality. It is our job to proffer them the freedom, materials and sufficient space to let their creativity blossom to its optimum potential. At LA GRANDEE we help students recognize their creative sinew. We are making fully aware of our students on possible and unprecedented happenings as a result of future digital world and disruptive technology. We are also preparing them to avoid being a useless class. Since the day of our inception in 2000, we have been encouraging and empowering young leaders and professionals by fostering critical and creative thinking that can assist them to chart their academic excellence.

Presently, LA GRANDEE runs Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor of Public Health (BPH), and Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) degrees affiliated to Pokhara University. These highly popular international degrees prepare students with sound knowledge and skills to be independent, and to embark on a rewarding career ahead. The college further plans to start Masters’ degrees in respective faculties soon in future. The well-known academic approaches at LA GRANDEE are: regular lectures and guest lectures, group discussions & presentations, industrial collaborations,  seminars and conferences, project works, field visits, case study, internship, research work, social work, and public speaking.  At LA GRANDEE you will find the excellent learning environment with state-of-art facilities.

With this note, I wish the forthcoming students a time of great achievements at LA GRNDEE. The college, I assure, leaves no stone unturned for every satisfaction of its students.

Er. Kiran K.C.

LA GRANDEE International College has always emphasized to adapt the changing requirements prioritizing it as the ultimate need for the students to cope with the changing era. With no doubt, it has proven to be one amongst the leading academic institutes. Keeping abreast to the pace of the modern world, we deliver students with excellent resources and quality education by engaging them in a practically learning environment and finding innovative ways to meet their professional needs even after college that for sure motivates them to lead the community, whole nation and beyond every geographical boundaries. It is capable of shaping raw minds and nurturing the future of the students who already have enrolled or whoever comes in. We work hand-in-hand to provide homely atmosphere, explore innovative ways to meet students’ genuine needs, inspire and empower them to achieve their aspirations. Offering a mere combination of Technology, Management and Health Science under a single roof, our students get opportunities for more interactions and develop multi-disciplinary skills. Joining LA GRANDEE is just analogous to tracking correct directions towards achieving your aim and re-discovering the talent in you. Heartily welcome to all.