Registration Procedure

1. Application

Application is available until the application deadline has passed for that particular exam. The application deadline and the test dates will be as per the schedule defined by the Senmon Kyouiku Publishing Company Limited, Japan. Application forms are available at the Test Center Office. You can also download the application form.

| Download Application Form

1.1  Test Date and Application Deadline

The test dates for the year 2023 are pre-defined. However, the test dates for Nepal differ from those defined for rest of the countries. In Nepal, all the test dates are one day before the actual dates announced by the Senmon Kyouiku Publishing Co. Ltd. The pre-defined dates for the Japanese Language NAT TEST for 2023 are as in the Test Date Chart below:



TEST YEARS :  2023 2022  |  2021 2020  |  2019

Note : Each Test date for Nepal  as mentioned in the table above is one day earlier than the test dates in countries other than Nepal. However, the registration deadline is same as others.

All the deadlines and the dates are subject to change with pre-notification from Senmon Kyouiku Publishing Co. Ltd., Japan.

1.2 Application Requisites

Registration of any examinee will be confirmed only after submission of the application form along with other requisites mentioned as follows:

Requisites :

a.) 2 copies of Passport size photograph.

b.) Copy of Passport (1) or Copy of Citizenship (1). But if the DOB in citizenship is mentioned only in BS, then Notorized citizenship certificate must be submitted).

c.) Application Fee (2023) – Nrs. 4500.00 (Subject to change as per the change recommended by Senmon Kyouiku Publishing Co. Ltd. )

1.3 Payment Mode

All the payments to be made to this center (for Application Fee, Examinee Details Correction Request or NAT-TEST Work Book CD) should be paid in cash or the payment can also be made to the bank account of the test center. However, the original deposit slip of the bank should be submitted to the center for confirmation. Payment by Cheque at the counter is not acceptable.

For any further queries regarding payment, please contact us.


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For consultancy, please contact office for necessary procedure.