Order Book

Making an Order for the Workbook

After reading the following instructions, please fill up the below form to proceed an order.

Any examinee or the institute requiring the book can directly contact the center office or can also make an order through our website with all details as in the below form. However, the order will be confirmed and delivered only after payment of the total book price. The ordering client will itself be liable to all the Delivery/Courier Charges for any delivery made through Courier. Payment can either be made directly by cash or can be deposited to the NAT-TEST Center, Pokhara, Bank Account. Bank details will be provided upon request by the ordering client.

Important instructions during making an order for the workbook

  • Fill up all the details mentioned in the form. Note that all details are necessary except the Upload Bank Voucher section.
  • In the payment mode;
    • If you select Cash at Counter, you or your representative need to come to the office and make the cash payment at the counter and collect the books. We do not accept cheques at the office counter.
    • If you select Bank Deposit, you need to deposit the total book charges into the official bank account. You will receive the bank details once you fill up all the details and submit the book request.
  • In the mode of Delivery;
    • If you choose Courier, either you can send your authorized courier service to collect the books at our office, else we will proceed to deliver through our regular courier service provider. However, the ordering client should pay the courier charges. So in case you select courier, you need to deposit total book price plus the courier charge into our bank account.
    • If you choose Self Collection, you or your representative can come to the office and collect the books after payment clearance for the required number of books.

You will receive response to your online request within 24 hours of your order submission.
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