Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a four years degree program worth of 126 credit hours, under the Faculty of Management Studies. It has been designed to provide students with the business and management skills necessary to become effective leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs in today’s global environment. The degree offers both a practical management education and enough breadth in specialization area which helps students to function effectively in complex organizations, small to medium enterprise, or the public sector. The program enables students to become competent, and result oriented professional who can effectively support management and leadership roles in any business environment. In addition, it also improves students’ critical and creative thinking, analytical, communicative and presentation skills.


The Bachelor of Business Administration has reached enormous height amongst the present generation. It provides students with a wide understanding of how various organizations operate in diverse business environment. In the recent years, the course has been extensively developed in order to reach the high expectations of the core based companies that are involved in both, management of the business as well as within the human resource department. This itself shows the significance of this course. BBA course specialize their students in various important sectors such as Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Human Resource Management, International Business, Marketing etc. Interaction with business leaders and entrepreneurs is programmed throughout the academic year, through industrial visits and workshops, thus giving students a practitioner’s perspective. Students participate as professionals with industrial and corporate consulting teams and gain hands on exposure of corporate ambiance, experiential learning, networking, and real life business issues and solutions. Such experience is very important in order to be successful in corporate world. This signifies the importance of the

BBA is basically the study of Business administration. This includes detailed study of the various aspects of Business and management of business operations. The importance of BBA can be estimated easily by knowing the requirements to be a part of the corporate sector. To work with corporate giants is not very easy now a day. One needs to be very much specialized with the skills to manage various business operations. In order to gain these skills, one requires completing the degree course in BBA.

Suraj Gaudel

  • Entry Eligibility: 10+2  or equivalent.
  • Admission Criteria: On the basis of merit list in the entrance examination administered by college

4 Years, 8 Semester


First Year

First Semester
Course Code Course Description Credit Hours
ENG 101 English 3
MTH 101 Business Mathematics I 3
ACC 121 Financial Accounting I 3
MGT 111 Principle of Management 3
MIS 101 Computer and IT Application 3
Second Semester
Course Code Course Description Credit Hours
ENG 102 English II 3
MTH 102 Business Mathematics II 3
ACC 122 Financial Accounting II 3
PSY 101 General Psychology 3
ECO 101 Introductory Microeconomics 3

Second Year

Third Semester
Course Code Course Description Credit Hours
ENG 201 Business Communication I 3
STT 101 Business Statistics 3
SOC 101 Fundamental of Sociology 3
ECO 101 Introductory Macroeconomics 3
FIN 131 Essential of Finance 3
Fourth Semester
Course Code Course Description Credit Hours
ENG 202 Business Communication II 3
STT 201 Data Analysis and Modeling 3
MGT 211 Fundamental of Org. Behavior 3
MKT 241 Principle of Marketing 3
FIN 231 Financial Management 3

Third Year

Fifth Semester
Course Code Course Description Credit Hours
ACC 221 Basic of Managerial Accounting 3
RCH 311 Business Research Methods 3
MGT 314 Management of Human Resources 3
MGT 311 Fundamental of Operation Mgmt. 3
N/A Concentration I 3
Sixth Semester
Course Code Course Description Credit Hours
MIS 201 Introduction to MIS 3
LAW 291 Legal Aspect of Business & Tech. 3
MGT 112 Business and Society 3
PRJ 492 Project Work 3
N/A Concentration II 3

Fourth Year

Seventh Semester
Course Code Course Description Credit Hours
MGT 411 Business Environment in Nepal 3
MGT 312 Fundamental of Entrepreneurship 3
INT 391 Internship 3
N/A Elective I 3
N/A Concentration III 3
Eighth Semester
Course Code Course Description Credit Hours
MGT 412 Strategic Management 3
MGT 313 Introduction to Int’l Business 3
MIS 202 Essentials of E-Business 3
N/A Elective II 3
N/A Concentration IV 3

BBA Notice