Bachelor of Computer Application

Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) is a four years bachelor degree program worth of 126 credit hours, under the Faculty of Science and Technology. The objective of the BCA program is to produce highly qualified professional having both theoretical and practical knowledge in computer system and its application. The program has an integration of Information Technology (IT) with business and management, which adequately develops the managerial skills with the modern business and organizational aspect. The BCA graduates will be eligible for getting admission to MCA, MBA, MSCS and MIT, and other master degree courses at recognized universities anywhere in the world. Furthermore, they will get enough opportunities to work as an IT officer, system developer, system analyst, software engineer, system administer, etc. within and outside the country.

Pursuing Computer Applications at undergraduate level is different from other degrees. Fast growing information technology and communication systems have become critical components of almost every company’s strategic plan. Network communication is one of the key processes for any company to be successful as each company, be it finance, banking, manufacturing, health, etc. has an IT department to support its basic to complex functions. Therefore, companies which want to take advantage of the new information technologies and communication systems require expert professionals, who can apply computer science principles to solve problems produced by the interface between business and technology. On completion of BCA program students will be able to demonstrate professional competence in developing software and in designing and implementing complex computer systems and information systems. They can also carry out required analysis and synthesis involved in computer systems, information systems, and computer applications. So this course provides a golden opportunity to develop all the basic abilities related to Information Technology and creates ground for the higher salary packages.

The BCA program at LA GRANDEE is excellently crafted so that you can learn the design, development, installation and implementation of all types of information systems and networks. Possible careers that you might pursue when you have your BCA degree include computer programmer, network engineer, systems administrator, security specialist, and computer forensic analyst. You might also specialize in distributed systems advancement, network development, and forensics research. The BCA courses are taught by faculty and industry professionals with years of real-time IT experience, with a hands-on approach that provides a real grasp of technology, development tools and paradigms in demand by industry. Completing a degree in BCA at LA GRANDEE gives you a sense of personal accomplishment, career satisfaction and endless possibilities.

Ramesh Chalise

  • Chief Information Officer
  • Computer Programmer
  • Computer Scientist
  • Computer Support Service Specialist
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Database Administrator
  • Information Systems Manager
  • Software Developer
  • Software Publisher
  • Systems Administrator
  • Teacher & lecturer
  • Entry Eligibility: 10+2  pass  or equivalent.
  • Admission Criteria: On the basis of merit list in the entrance examination administered by college

4 Years, 8 Semester


First year

First Semester
Course Code Course Description Credit Hours
ENG 121 English 3
MTH 131 Mathematics I 3
ELX 111 Digital Logic Systems 3
CMP 116 Computer Fundamental & Application 3
CMP 117 Programming Logic & Techniques 3
Second Semester
Course Code Course Description Credit Hours
ENG 122 Business & Technical Communication 3
MTH 132 Mathematics II 3
ACC 131 Financial Accounting I 3
CMP 118 Programming Language in C 3
ELX 112 Fundamental of Electrical & Electronics 3
PRJ 151 Project I 1

Second year

Third Semester
Course Code Course Description Credit Hours
CMP 215 Object Oriented Programming in C++ 3
CMP 227 Data Structure and Algorithms 3
CMP 221 System Analysis and Design 3
ACC 231 Financial Accounting II 3
ELX 232 Microprocessor 3
Fourth Semester
Course Code Course Description Credit Hours
MTH 231 Numerical Methods 3
CMP 216 Visual Programming 3
CMP 230 Operating System 3
CMP 227 Database Management System 3
CMP 242 Computer Graphics and Multimedia Technology 4
PRJ 251 Project II 2

Third year

Fifth Semester
Course Code Course Description Credit Hours
CMP 332 Computer Architecture 3
CMP 313 Java Programming 3
CMP 380 Web Technologies I 3
MTH 330 Mathematical Foundation of Computer Science 3
CMP 323 Software Engineering 3
Sixth Semester
Course Code Course Description Credit Hours
MGT 322 Organization Management 3
MTH 320 Fundamentals of Prob. & Statistics 3
CMP 302 Web Technologies II 3
CMP 336 Data Commn. & Computer Network 3
ECO 311 Applied Economics 3
PRJ 351 Project III 3

Fourth year

Seventh Semester
Course Code Course Description Credit Hours
CMP 401 E-Business 3
CMP 350 Simulation and Modeling 3
CMP 337 Linux 3
INT 461 Internship 3
N/A Elective I 3
Eight Semester
Course Code Course Description Credit Hours
MGT 421 Management Information System 3
CMP 404 Mobile Application Dev. Technology 3
PRJ 451 Project IV 5
N/A Elective II 3

(Official Syllabus Provide by Pokhara University) 

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